• October 13, 1:00 p.m. VFW, Morris Plains, NJ “The Psychololgical Control of Superstitions.
  • Sat. November 12, 2021 Aovember,10 to 4 p.m. Boonton Book Festival Guest Speaker.

“A Dickens Haunted Christmas”Performed in VICTORIAN costumes by Carlotta G. Holton

Since its publication in 1843, the novella A Christmas Carol has transformed our present-day notions of Christmas. But Charles Dickens’ tale of familial joy and repentance was actually rooted in ghost stories. A closer examination of other works will uncover his lifelong interest in the paranormal. In fact, Dickens wrote a ghost story every Christmas. HOW AND WHY DID CHARLES DICKENS BECOME INTERESTED IN GHOST STORIES?

Meet the 4 people who influenced his writing.

This is Charles Dickens Nanny, ”Mercy” who scared the wits out of him while giving him an appetite for the supernatural which he would use in the ghost stories he wrote every year as well as A Christmas Carol.


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This is Catherine Dickens, Charles’ wife whom he practiced hypnotism on and witnessed his presence at many séances during the Victorian years.

Ellen Ternin, mistress when he was involved in the Staplehurst train crash..




Historical “Hat iquette!”

Trimmed with frills, feathers, flowers, veils, jewels and ribbons, hats were a “must have” fashion accessory for women in the 1800’s. From the frilly bonnets of the 30’s and 40’s to th elaborate touring and tea hats of the 40’s and 50’s to the offbeat 90’s industrial revolution-inspired “Steam punk” hats, American women, like their British counterparts, kept up with the styles. From prosperity thought the strife of the Civi War and Reconstrucion beyond, during the long reign of Queen Victoria, hats were de rigueur. Award- winning author, editor and journalist Carlotta Holton explains the fascinating history of these hats and demonstrates her colorful, stylish and often whimsical collection of more than 20 Victorian hats. To Book a presentation contact her at salempact@verizon,net or call 973-927-2983.