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Carlotta G. Holton has won Second Place-At Large National Federation of Press Women Award in the fiction category of its 2010 Communications Contest for her novel, Deadly Innocence.

The National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) is part of the coalition founding the National Women’s History Museum, focusing on women’s contributions to the social, cultural, economic and political life of our nation in the context of work history; is active in the Council of National Journalism, a council that focuses on shared concerns, including the free flow of news and information plus technological and professional innovations and is part of the coalition supporting the Library of Congress Center of the Book Reading Promotion Partners.

Members of the NFPW are authors, educators and work in print and electronic journalism, public relations, advertising, freelancing, graphic design, new media, marketing, photography and more.


Author: Carlotta G. Holton

Media Reviews of We Dwell in Possibilities: What American Women Think About Practically Everything!

 Publisher’s Weekly (2019):  A wide-ranging and candid report … Holton takes an optimistic tone in relating her findings, writing that “we all have very much in common when it comes to our life’s hopes and outlook for the future.” 

In responding to Holton’s queries, this cross-section of American women expressed a variety of social attitudes, but were united in their anxieties over job security, healthcare, and the overall state of America (66.8% said they were “very concerned” about “where the nation is headed. As a source of rich primary data this account will interest readers curious about the issues affecting American Women.

The Observer Tribune 5/2/19

In trying to gauge the attitudes of American women, author Carlotta G. Holton’s nonfiction, “We Dwell in Possibilities: What American Women think about practically everything!” she is writing in the tradition of de Tocqueville, a French sociologist and political theorist who traveled to the US in 1831 to study the country and wrote “Democracy in America,” one of the most influential books of the 19th century. 

Black River News 3/19

In “We Dwell in Possibilities: What Americana women think about practically everything!” Carlotta Holton uses her past journalistic investigative skills in this compelling four-year survey on hot- bed issues such as the economy, English as the official language, gun control vs amendment rights, sending our children off to war, child rearing and many other topics.  The opinions from every state in the country, is part of her vision that women are more united than divided.

 Goodreads reviews: Five stars

“We Dwell in Possibilities” by Carlotta G. Holton, provides a venue to give a written voice to a gathering of women. It is a stimulating read reflecting how women from different walks of life have a wide range of experiences even though they share the same general concerns. The results uncovered by the accomplished author’s survey will at times intrigue the reader, at other times bring tears to their eyes, and still other times delight them!

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the way women think! Cynthia A.

“Just read this book after my wife put it down. We both had the opportunity to spend some time discussing it. Truly an interesting read! Easy, quick and interesting. I have read others by Carlotta Holton and she is a master of words! Pick it “up and try it. You will enjoy it! Promise!! Dr. Andrew Greenberger

“This book is rather fascinating. Having always been curious as to what people think. It puts an end to my pondering if I am alone in my thoughts! Great read. Very interesting. Recommended it to a few friends who are always curious … thought it would put them at ease!


Amazon reviews: Five stars

5.0 out of 5 starsReal women, real conversation

May 18, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

“I love this book’s conversational style. I felt like I went out to lunch with 162 women friends. The author, a journalist, guides the conversation and introduces each topic — from marriages to careers to life dreams. So, the book is easy to follow. I especially enjoyed reading about the women’s childhoods and the effects, positive and negative, that their parents had on their lives.”

Lorraine Ash, Lorraine Ash Literary Services

Format: Kindle Edition June ,2 2019

“Another great book by Carlotta Holton. So interesting to have a look back and witness the evolution of women through their thoughts, memories and expressions of ever-changing roles and social places brought to light through a true labor of love and caring by this author .A truly in-depth experience, this book is highly recommended; ,women really do “Dwell in Possibilities, Carlotta Holton has proven it.”

Norma P.



Best Book category by the National Federation of Press Women for her third book Vampire Resurrection. NFPW is a nationwide organization of professional women and men in careers across the communications spectrum. This is the second major award Carlotta has won this year. In January, Vampire Resurrection was awarded first place by the New Jersey Press Women’s Association. The NFPW is part of the coalition founding the National Women’s History Museum, is an active participant in the Council of National Journalism Organizations and is part of the coalition supporting the Library of Congress Center of the Book Reading Promotion Partners.


When an egocentric college professor gets permission to re-enact the infamous witch raft trials of 1692 for the entertainment of visitors to historic Salem Village, a dramatic history lesson becomes a modern nightmare. Innocent people are accused of serving Satan and sentenced to all-too-real executions. Driven to desperation, a brave band of rebel takes a stand against the murderous professor. Aid by a 300-year-old spirit, the rebels struggle to prevent the horrific repletion of the villages sinister past. Count Roget, a 500-year-old French vampire responsible for the deaths of the “lost” colonists in Roanoke during the 16th Century, is once again on the rampage in modern-day North Carolina. To satisfy his lust for blood and terror, he kills some individuals and turns others into blood-drinking zombies. Paige and Alex, two journalists with some history of their own, depend on a Native American shaman to help them stop the zombies and catch up with the Count after he flees the country. To stop him from spreading mayhem all over the world, they’ll have to kill him… again.
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Award winner for best short story collection National Federation of Press Women
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Grave Matters

A frightening collection of twenty-four supernatural stories based on ethnic superstitions, legends, and real historical events. The author’s experience abroad, combined with superstitions she was raised with, culminate in these spellbinding narratives, which explore the dark side of the human mind. Included in these mesmerizing tales are ghosts forever reliving their agony in the eternal city, a macabre ragman who peddles more than the usual wares, a puppeteer who can no longer pull the strings of his malevolent marionettes, and many more characters embroiled in the eternal struggle between good and Evil. Grave Matters is a terrifying journey into the psychology of superstitions.
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